3 Secrets to being Confident in your Photography NOW!

I recently finished up my Business of Photography Workshop and was lucky enough to chat with my students individually on the phone. I wanted to hear what they needed help with so we could work through it together. Guess what almost every single one of them said they struggled with? Confidence. It’s an epidemic! But…

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5 Tips to Take Beautiful Newborn Hospital Photos When YOU are the Momma

We all want to remember those sweet, tender, and special moments when our babies are born. It’s a time like no other. It’s funny to me that I always look back on those hospital days with fond, happy memories even though the reality of it is that I was mostly uncomfortable and sore. But none…

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What {NOT} to wear in family photos!

What to wear, what to wear… This can certainly be one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of a family photo shoot. A few years back when I switched taking pictures with a fellow photographer, I put off getting our pictures done for MONTHS mainly because I just couldn’t get the outfits together!…

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How to make great Black and White photos!

I have some really great friends. Really great. You know the kind that you feel like you could talk to all day long. Or the kind that you actually plan play dates with them and their kids not just so your kids will have people to play with but because YOU want to talk with…

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5 Tips to Take Beautiful Newborn Pictures in the Hospital

There are few things more precious than a newborn, especially a newborn who is just hours old. I’m always in awe of the absolute miracle of it all. As a photographer, I can’t help but think how every single detail needs to be documented. Here are 5 Tips to take beautiful newborn pictures while they…

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