5 Minute Focus {Class 15: How to EDIT the Perfect Silhouette}


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You won’t want to miss this…

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||Something big is happening..||

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3 Secrets to being Confident in your Photography NOW!

I recently finished up my Business of Photography Workshop and was lucky enough to chat with my students individually on the phone. I wanted to hear what they needed help with so we could work through it together. Guess what almost every single one of them said they struggled with? Confidence. It’s an epidemic! But…

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5 Tips to Take Beautiful Newborn Hospital Photos When YOU are the Momma

We all want to remember those sweet, tender, and special moments when our babies are born. It’s a time like no other. It’s funny to me that I always look back on those hospital days with fond, happy memories even though the reality of it is that I was mostly uncomfortable and sore. But none…

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